Rebates explained


If you got your Ergon IES application in before July 10th, you’ll qualify for the 44 cent feed in tariff. You are under no obligation to the firm who submitted it for you. We provide quality products, value for money, and you invest in the local economy because we are local. So give the Locals a call to discuss how you can lower your energy bills and help the environment.

There are two current Government rebate schemes which are available for solar power. The first is the Federal STC multiplier, formally known as the REC rebate, and the second is the State Government's Solar Bonus Scheme, also known as the Feed-in-Tariff.

Every system is assigned a set number of STCs (Small-Scale Technology Certificate) using a formula which takes into consideration what zone you live in and the size of your system in kW (kilowatts). The first 1.5kW are then eligible to be multiplied by a factor of 2. This total number of STCs can then be sold to reduce the upfront cost of your system. There are two ways to do this.

First and most widely used is to assign your STCs to your installer who will give you a point of sale discount (99.9% of customers use this method).

The second is to pay the full amount for the system and then sell the STCs yourself.

This involves quite a complex procedure where you will be required to find a REC Trader who is willing to buy your STCs. Once you have done this you will need to download a copy of their STC form, complete the form and collect a number of documents which prove your system was installed correctly and in compliance with all required laws. You then submit this completed application with attached documents to the REC Trader who will in turn offer you what is known as a market price. This price is not set and can change on a daily basis. For more information on this process you can visit the ORER website.

The Queensland State Government is currently offering a fixed net feed-in-tariff of 8 cents per kW.