Solar air conditioning

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Now there’s a proven product that will cool and heat residential, commercial and industrial buildings and let you save the majority of your air-conditioning electrical charges. When you install an innovative Koolsola hybrid air conditioning,
unit, you’ll help save the planet by reducing green-house gas emissions as well as make a considerable saving on electricity costs.

These can be fitted wherever a standard split system would fit and can save up to 70% on running costs. We are happy to visit you to discuss supply only or supply and install of these.

These units, while marginally more expensive than a conventional split system, will save you money. So if are thinking of replacing an existing Box or split system or installing a new system, at least see what we can do for you. You’ve nothing to lose.

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Koolsa systems are available in 2.6kW (8571 BTU), 3.5kW (12000 BTU), 6.0kW (20000 BTU) and 7.2kW (24000 BTU), we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs with you.